A fundamental shift in respiratory care driven by machine intelligence

Multiple clinical services enabled by one powerful sensor technology and AI platform. Over time, TidalSense’s AI technology will get smarter, delivering more value and new diagnostic insights to clinicians at the point of care.

End-to-end automation

N-Tidal turns breaths into biomarkers in real-time, delivering AI-driven insights for a variety of use-cases to clinicians, at the point of care, within minutes.

Relaxed breathing through N-Tidal, our next-gen CO2 sensing technology

Automatic 4G data transfer

Real-time biomarker generation on cloud

TidalSense AI engine

N-Tidal Diagnose
Diagnostic AI dashboard

N-Tidal Capture
Remote monitoring dashboard

N-Tidal Capture™ N-Tidal Diagnose™

N-Tidal Capture™

N-Tidal Capture™ is a CE-marked, remote patient monitoring solution for obstructive airway conditions (such as asthma and COPD), providing clinicians with real-time access to N-Tidal obstructive airway biomarkers via our clinical dashboard. N-Tidal Capture is registered in the UK (MHRA) and EU (Italian Ministry of Health).

  • Patients use the N-Tidal device up to twice a day before routine inhalers (or as prescribed).
  • Data is automatically uploaded by N-Tidal via mobile networks and processed into N-Tidal biomarkers in real time
  • Clinicians can visualise longitudinal patient data on the N-Tidal Capture dashboard to help identify patients who need a medication review, are poorly controlled or deteriorating.
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N-Tidal Diagnose™

N-Tidal Diagnose™

N-Tidal Diagnose™ is a point-of-care diagnostic solution for COPD and asthma, which combines the measurement of respiratory physiology using N-Tidal respiratory biomarkers, and interpretation of the data using our diagnostic AI algorithms in real time. From the start of the breath test, to diagnosis, takes under 5 minutes. Unlike spirometry, N-Tidal Diagnose is specific, as it is able to detect the underlying airway remodelling that occurs as a result of COPD, through a change in the way respiratory gases move through the airway during exhalation.

N-Tidal Diagnose™ will initially be available as a COPD diagnostic test, aiming to replace spirometry. Over time, N-Tidal Diagnose will be enhanced with early diagnostic indicators, and diagnostic capabilities for other cardiorespiratory conditions such as asthma, thus providing substantially richer diagnostic information to clinicians over time from the same breath test.

Register interest now! Pilots expected to commence in Q3 2023.

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Accessible by Design, Intelligent by Nature

N-Tidal requires relaxed breathing only, making it suitable for all ages from small children to elderly patients, and those with severe respiratory illness.

N-Tidal works out of the box. No wifi, pairing or bluetooth required. Simply turn on, press play and breathe.

Ergonomic design, informed by patients, makes N-Tidal easy to hold, clean and look after. N-Tidal has been tested on patients with a range of disabilities.

Long battery life means you only need to charge N-Tidal every two weeks, for personal use.