Resolve the lung in high definition

Rich respiratory biomarker and diagnostic information in near-real-time from a single breath recording through N-Tidal

Boost your trial endpoints

Gain back-end access to all of our N-Tidal biomarkers (both regulated and R&D biomarkers) which power our clinical solutions along with our AI pipelines for clinical trials research. Integrating N-Tidal into trials will unlock new datastreams, including biomarkers relating to:

Monitor Patients

N-Tidal Capture provides longitudinal monitoring of patients using our obstructive airway biomarkers. Our trials dashboard enables adherence tracking and real-time data quality indicators.

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Find the right patients

Underdiagnosis, misdiagnosis and late diagnosis of respiratory conditions means that finding the right patients during drug development and post-market is challenging. N-Tidal Diagnose provides rich diagnostic insights in minutes: N-Tidal automatically transmits data to TidalSense’s cloud platform where breaths are converted into diagnoses in near-real-time, using our AI technology. Unlike spirometry, N-Tidal Diagnose is specific, as it is able to detect the underlying airway remodelling that occurs in obstructive airway diseases.

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Diagnose Earlier

Early, accurate, diagnosis enables early intervention and the ability to evaluate the disease-modifying properties of new drugs. Our early diagnostic COPD algorithms are now in development, alongside our diagnostic algorithms for other cardiorespiratory conditions. Contact us using the webform below for early access.

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