It’s time for a smarter approach to respiratory healthcare

N-Tidal™ can deliver accurate respiratory insights at the point of care, increasing clinical efficiency and improving patient care.

N-Tidal Diagnose

Test to diagnosis in under 5 minutes, powered by our AI diagnostic technology. No specialist training. No forced breathing.

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Spirometry N-Tidal Diagnose
Time to perform test 30 min separate appointment < 5 mins at point of care
Staff training required ARTP certification with routine revalidation < 15 min tutorial, no specific skills required
Results interpretation Expert interpretation required Automated AI-powered diagnostic output
Infection control Medium risk, considered aerosol generating Non-aerosol generating
Patient experience Forced breathing Relaxed, tidal breathing only

N-Tidal Capture

Remote patient monitoring powered by our novel obstructive airway biomarkers, enabling longitudinal assessment of respiratory health

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Approved by patients

Our N-Tidal technology has been designed around patients, with patients having been consulted throughout the product development journey.

Backed with clinical evidence

We have been building and testing our patented technology for over 7 years. Our AI algorithms are trained on millions of patient breaths collected on studies run across the UK.

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Supported by leading clinicians

"We have run several clinical studies with the N-Tidal on patients with severe asthma and other respiratory disorders. I believe that TidalSense's technologies have the potential to transform the way we diagnose and treat many of these respiratory conditions."

Prof. Anoop Chauhan, MBE
Director of Research and Innovation, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

"60% to 70% of patients with COPD are undiagnosed and many are misdiagnosed or diagnosed late. This is a massive clinical problem. N-Tidal is a really exciting solution to this problem and if it becomes part of the annual physical, doctors will be able to monitor their patients more effectively and pick up early disease that may have been missed in the past. I think that N-Tidal’s high patient acceptance and ease of use means that it’s going to have a big effect clinically."

Prof. Scott T. Weiss
Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical school

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