Better respiratory health starts here

Transforming lives with AI enabled respiratory technologies

Image of the N-Tidal Platform™

Redefining the respiratory care pathway

Unique sensor technology

patented with unparalleled sensitivity

Power AI platform

that turns patient breaths into 80 novel detailed respiratory biomarkers and diagnostic insights

> 1 million patient breaths

collected and analysed in our clinical trials

Earlier, accurate diagnosis

facilitating early intervention and preventing deterioration

Image of a user using the N-Tidal Platform™

Meet N-Tidal™

N-Tidal is a CE-marked solution that brings a new paradigm to the diagnosis, monitoring and management of respiratory conditions.

N-Tidal technologies combine our proprietary, CO2 sensing and AI capabilities to provide more information about lung function from normal breathing than ever before.

Our technologies will transform the way respiratory conditions are understood

We work with some of the leading innovators in pharma, biotech and healthcare to transform respiratory care. Explore the possibilities for your organization.